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Sanjana Karnani
Vice Chairman
Sanjana Karnani

Sanjana Karnani is the Founder, Vice Chairman and Head of Candidates for Conservative Friends of Small Business (CFoSB).

She has been running two businesses with over 10 years of experience in e-commerce and education. Sanjana is also a school governor and trustee of two Charities.

Hailing from a traditional Indian business family, she has a keen sense of public service, backed by academic excellence and an ethos of aspiration and self-reliance. Sanjana is a skilled business developer and marketeer, who cultivates strategic partnerships, sources funding/investment and provides principled leadership.

She is a people’s person and hence is able to bring in her personal strengths and character to overcome difficult discussions and decisions. Sanjana has the perfect blend of head and heart, to ensure a win-win for all stakeholders.

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